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Rules for the South Central Missouri Tennis Association League

South Central Missouri2006 Men, Women & Youth League Regulations

Rules: With the exception of the rules entered by SCMCTA all league play will follow the USTA (Friend at the Court)

Eligibility: All members of the South Central Missouri Community Tennis Association that have paid current dues are eligible the participate in the season.

Format: The format that will be used is an eight game pro-set (first to win eight games by two) with no ad scoring. At 40-40 or deuce, the receiver will elect which side they want to receive the serve. That is the last point of the game. A tie break will be played at 8-8 with a match tie break (first to 10) played. The tie break, winning by two (2), will determine the winner of the match. Each participant will play both singles and doubles in the same evening. Singles will be played first then your singles opponent becomes your doubles partner and you will play doubles as the schedule is stated.

Point value : A point value will be accessed for each match won. A win in singles is worth three (3) points and a loss has a value of two (2) points. A win in doubles has a value of two (2) point per partner and a loss carries the value of one point per partner.

Forfeit: A forfeit will be accessed after 10 minutes late. If you do not show for a match your league standing score will be deducted two (2) points for your singles match and one (1) point for your doubles match. You may reschedule your singles and/or doubles with all parties contacted and in agreement without the loss of points. A substitute may be contacted to play in your place and all scores the substitute accumulates will be your score. Substitutes must be contacted by the person requiring the substitute.

Location:Matches will be played at the West Plains High School courts with the exception of rescheduled matches which can be played at a court agreeable by all parties.

Standings:All standings will be posted in the Daily Quill and at the website www.westplains.usta.comby weeks end.

Equipment: All equipment will be supplied by participants. A new can of tennis balls or tennis balls to be used will be agreed upon be each player.

Length of season: The length of the season will be determined by the number of participants.


Disputes: All disputes will first be settled by the participants only. If a disagreement still cannot be corrected then it will be brought to the on court administrator of the league.

Day and time: The day and time will be set one month prior to starting of league.

Conflict of court time: If there is ever a conflict in court time such as a schedule event by the school district the scheduled league will have the option of each player receiving the points (5) for the scheduled night or play the scheduled matches on the weekend and must be agreed by all players.

Substitutions: A substitution may play in your place from the substitution list or from the other section such as Wednesday for Monday night schedule of players. The points your substitution receives during the matches are yours for the season. HAVE FUN