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Air Evac Relay for Life Tennis Tournament (print off form)

Air Evac/Relay for Life

Tennis Tournament May 25th & 26th


Adult:      Men’s and Women’s Singles –

Doubles:    Open

            Juniors:  Boy’s and Girl’s Singles and Doubles – 14’s; 16’s; 18’s

                                    No event will be held with less than six (6) entries.

Location:  West Plains High School and report scores to Tournament Desk after match. 

Entry Fees:  Adults:  $20 per person event.

              Juniors:  $20 per person  events

Entry Deadline:  Entries must be received at West Plains Community Tennis Association by 6:00 p.m. on Thursday May 24th 2007.

Play Begins:  Friday May 25th starting times will be posted at

at 6:00 p.m. Wednesday May 23rd for all events. Adults play on Friday possibly Saturday with youth on Saturday. Exact date will be determined by participants.

 Awards:  Awards will be Air-Evac memberships (1st Place) for men and women and helicopter rides for youth (hats and tee shirts while they last)

Scoring:  Best 2 of 3 sets, regular scoring with 10 point tie-break instead of third set if tied.  If there is weather or other unforeseen problems, 8 game pro set and/or no-add scoring may be used. 

Consolation Round:  First match loser consolation will be used.  This guarantees at least two matches.

Tournament Rules:  All players may enter only 2 events.    Players entering more than 1 event may only receive 15 minutes between matches.  The 15 minute default rule will be applied for all matches. 

Make checks payable to: Relay for Life

Name:                                                                                     Date of Birth:                             (Junior Entrants)


Address:                                                                                  City/State/Zip:                                                              


Phone:   Evening:                                                                       Daytime:                                                                      

Events Entered

1.                                                                                             Partner:                                                                        


2.                                                                                             Partner:                                                                        

*****If the event does not have enough entries, put me in the next available division:     Yes           No  ******

Mail Entries To

West Plains Community Tennis Association

PO Box 1433

 West Plains, Mo. 65775     

Co sponsored by: Carr Ward Steel, South Central Mo Tennis Programs, Body Works Spa