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The 5th Annual Paul Cheek Tournament (print off this page to send in)

5th Annual Paul Cheek Memorial Tennis Tournament


Adult: Men’s and Women’s Singles – Open & 3.0 and below and

Doubles- Open and combine 6.0 and below

Mixed: Open

                   Juniors: Boy’s and Girl’s Singles and Doubles – 14’s; 16’s; 18’s

No event will be held with less than six (6) entries.

Location: West Plains High School and report scores to Tournament Desk after match. BALLS WILL BE FURNISHED.

     Entry Fees: Adults: $20 per person per 1 or 2 events.

Juniors: $20 per person per 1 or 2 events

Entry Deadline: Entries must be received at West Plains Community Tennis Association by 6:00 p.m. on Wesdnesday July 12th , 2006

No late entries will be accepted

Play Begins: Friday July 14th Starting times will be posted at at 6:00 p.m. Thursday. Adults on Friday with remaining on Saturday. The youth will play Saturday. Exact date will be determined by participants.

NTRP: NTRP will be used for rating system. Check website for rating.

Awards: Awards will be given for 1st places per event.

Scoring: Best 2 of 3 sets, regular scoring with 10 point tie-break if split sets to decide the match. If there are weather or other unforeseen problems, 8 game pro set and/or no-add scoring may be used.

Funds: Funds raised will go to Dillon Cheek for all necessities .

Consolation Round: First match loser consolation will be used. This guarantees at least two matches.

Tournament Rules: All players may enter only 2 events. Players entering more than 1 event may only receive 15 minutes between matches. The 15 minute default rule will be applied for all matches. Tennis rules from Friend at Court and The Code will be applied for all matches.

Make checks payable to West Plains Community Tennis Association

Name: _______________________________________________Date of Birth: __________(Junior Entrants)

Address: __________________________________________City_________________/State_____/Zip:___________

Phone: Evening: ______________Daytime:_______________________

Events Entered

1. _______________________________Partner: __________________________________

2. _______________________________Partner: __________________________________

NTRP Rating____________ must be completed.

*****If the event does not have enough entries, put me in the next available division: Yes No ******

Mail Entries To

West Plains Community Tennis Association

PO Box 1433

West Plains, Mo. 65775